About the Smart Apron


Years ago I worked as a food server at a local Red Robin and could not stand the useless traditional apron and took a fanny pack, sewed on two homemade pockets and then used it over the course of a few weeks. Even though it was a Frankenstein looking apron, it operated way better than the traditional apron,  kept me organized, my pen, order book and money were all at my finger tips, I was so much more efficient. So the Smart Apron was born! 

Since that time we have created over 300 Smart Apron prototypes, all in an effort to create the best work aprons on the planet.

Now in 2018, we believe we have accomplished this goal and can assist the millions of great people working in restaurants, bars, cafe's, bistros, night clubs, casinos, bingo halls, as vendors and other related businesses with our six Smart Apron designs. 

2017 Press Release: 


Thank you for stopping by and if you have product feedback, questions or just want to say 'hello' feel free to e-mail us at info@smartapron.net or call us at 480-688-3771.

Kevin Hoy, CEO, Smart Innovative Products, LLC